The section continued promoting collaborative law throughout all practice areas, educating colleagues and clients and supporting local bars’ efforts in doing the same. The section is updating its website and social media to support and promote local
bar and local practice group initiatives to become the centralized location for information and connection regarding collaborative law in Texas. The annual two-day
Collaborative Law Conference took place in Austin this spring, celebrating 20 years of growing the collaborative practice in Texas with a focus on expanding and adapting it for the future. The section originally planned a very exciting presentation for the State Bar Annual Meeting, which we look forward to presenting at a future rescheduled date. The section will present an exciting CLE that will be rescheduled due to the Annual Meeting’s cancellation. The planned program is an interactive presentation building on the interest-based negotiation model, deepened by unique elements brought to the table by
The Likeable Lawyer. Our presenters, Brian Hammer and Jeff Stec, will bring techniques from improvisational acting and their unique expansive negotiation model that are designed to increase creative input into the negotiation process and further enlarge the pie so that everyone gets more of what they really want. This program will leave
participants with new tools to achieve more solutions in negotiations.

P. Lindley Bain, 2019-2020 Chair