Laura Schlenker - Dallas, Email 


Vice Chair 
Ruth Rickard - The Colony, Email 


VP of Family
Chris Farish - Dallas, Email 


VP of Civil
Anne Shuttee - Dallas, Email 


Jill Lowe - Plano, Email 


Raechel Parolisi - Plano, Email 


Immediate Past Chair (non-voting)
Lindley Bain - Austin, Email 

Ex-Officio (non voting)

Brett Christiansen - Dallas/Galveston, Email 


Ex-Officio (non-voting)
Walter Wright - San Marcos, Email 


SBOT Board Advisor
Kimberly Pack Wilson, Email


SBOT Alternate Board Advisor
Christina Davis, Email



Term Expires 2021

Richard Shannon - Austin, Email 


Term Expires 2022

Lori Kern - Houston, Email 


Term Expires 2023

Cindi Barela Graham - Amarillo, Email 


Officers serve a one-year term

Ex-officio members are appointed by the chair to serve during the chair's term

Immediate past chair serves as an ex-officio non-voting member of the section council