Volunteer for our new Work Group!

Volunteers Needed for NEW Work Group

The section is forming a Design & Evaluation Work Group.

We need volunteers. Persons desiring to volunteer should submit their name and resume to the Work Group chair, Richard ShannonThe deadline for submission is November 30.

Vision: Design enhancements to the collaborative law practice model to make it

(1) more accessible to a broader demographic, and

(2) a more attractive conflict resolution method in the private free market.

This is an exciting project intended to produce ground-breaking outcomes. Can the private market outperform the traditional courts in producing conflict resolution that is more cost effective, faster, more durable with higher satisfaction of participants?

Qualified Volunteers: Collaboratively trained attorneys (both civil and family), collaboratively trained neutral professionals (both financial and mental health), academic professionals with expertise in conflict resolution and decision-making theory, and mediators. The group will be intentionally limited in size and diverse in areas of expertise.